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Best UAE Online Lottery Sites To Play in 2024

Here you can find out which UAE lottery site is the best according to our ever-continuing research.

Online lotteries are legal across most of the world and almost all of them can be played online.


Lottery Site


We are on a mission to help you avoid scams and to demonstrate the pros and cons of the top five online lottery sites.

You can be sure that your money is safe, while the chance of winning the jackpot remains real.

Best Online Lotteries Sites (researched & tested)

Our main research criteria:

1. Mahzooz

Why is Mahzooz worth playing?

Mahzooz is the UAE’s first and leading weekly draw known for its consistent and highest payouts, offering participants the chance to win big. They have made it easy to unlock millions of dirhams every Saturday, turning Saturday into the best – and luckiest – day of the week! Mahzooz has not only awarded millions to thousands of winners since 2021, but has also actively pursued positive social change through its community outreach programme. In partnership with a growing network of reputable NGOs and not-for-profit organisations, Mahzooz has impacted the lives of over 10,000 beneficiaries to date.

To play you will need to open a Mahzooz account, buy your lines from the homepage or click the Buy Now section under Play, select the number of water bottles you’d like to buy (each bottle counts as one line in the draw) and then pay.

Our experience

Quick and easy to purchase tickets. Great cash and other prizes to be won. It’s no wonder Big Ticket is such a popular UAE lottery.

2. Big Ticket

Why is Big Ticket worth playing?

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Raffle Draw Started realizing Big Dreams in 1992 when it was first established at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. Big Ticket is the largest and longest-running raffle draw in the region, offering you a chance to win huge cash prizes and luxury dream cars in the UAE. With big cash prizes and luxury cars to be be one, Big Ticket remains one of the favorites. 

You can Buy Tickets online at or in person at ticket counters at Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Ain Duty Free. When purchasing your ticket please make sure that all your personal details (including your name, date of birth, and contact details) are correct. Big Ticket accepts Debit Cards, Credit Cards & cash, online at & in person at ticket counters at Abu Dhabi International Airport or Al Ain Duty Free. Draws take place on the 3rd of of every month on their official social media channels. 

Our experience

Quick and easy to purchase tickets. Great cash and other prizes to be won. It’s no wonder Big Ticket is such a popular UAE lottery. 

3. Emirates Draw

Why is Emirates Draw worth playing?

Emirate Draw is the Most Popular and biggest Unique Draw to be held in Dubai UAE. Based in the U.A.E, Emirates Draw is a CSR-first organisation that promotes the marketing and execution of multiple events, draws, and products that serve society in an entertaining yet conscious manner. Their focus is to use various avenues of content innovation paired with the latest technology to deliver a rewarding experience for consumers throughout the UAE.

There are three games to choose from, namely Fast5, Mega7 and Easy 6.

Fast5: Participants required to pick 5 numbers out of a pool of 42 balls, a game format that greatly increases the odds of winning and reaching all different 5-ball draws. Fast 5 Emirates Draw is an excellent weekly game that offers participants the chance to win a life-changing Grand Prize of AED 25,000 every month for 25 years and 3 Guaranteed Winners of AED 75,000, AED 50,000, and AED 35,000 each. 

Easy6: Emirates Draw EASY6 is can be entered upon purchasing a pencil for only Dh15 initiative supports Emirates Draw’s flagship Charity Organization and social responsibility program to restore the Help UAE coral reefs. 

Mega7: The weekly draw is every week at 9 pm (Gulf Standard Time) on each Sunday UAE time. Emirates Draw Mega7 Big jackpot Grand Prize Is AED 100 Million and 20 Guaranteed Raffle ID, Winners. Select 7 different numbers each between 0 and 9 lines For all entries in the Raffle Draw, the Number Selection will be automatically picked by an internationally certified RNG, The Draw Ticket cost for Draw Mega7 is AED 50 only.


Our experience

Registration is fast, and the site works great on mobile site and app. With decent winning odds. we can see why this is one of the most popular raffles in the region. 

We did not experience any problems while testing. So we needed to test the support with made up problems. They were very responsive and helpful.

4. Dubai Duty Free

Why is Dubai Duty Free worth playing?

The Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire was first launched back in 1999 as a way of rewarding travellers with a big win before they continue on their journeys. Since then, the competition has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the most popular ways for tourists to try and earn some extra cash. The fantastic odds of the game also helped to grow the game amongst players.

During its 20-year life (as of 2019) there have been a massive number of winners who each walked away with the US $1 million jackpot. Also, eight lucky winners have even won the prize more than once!

Playing in the Dubai Duty Free Millionaire is incredibly easy. Simply purchase a ticket that is given a unique identification number. All ticket numbers for the draw are then pooled together, and the winner is the person whose ticket number is drawn. Thus, the game works more like a raffle than a conventional lottery.

Tickets for Dubai Duty Free can be purchased at the Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, or any Dubai Duty Free-registered supplier.

Tickets cost AED 1,000 each. This equates to roughly US$270 per ticket, which some may find rather pricy. However, if you take into consideration the odds of winning and the total prize money, it is definitely worthwhile to try your luck if you do have the cash available.

Our experience

The price tag on a Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire ticket may be more than what most people are willing to pay for a single entry into a draw. However, if you weigh up the odds—which are only 1 in 5,000—of most other popular lotteries, purchasing one of these tickets instead might be a much wiser idea.

5. Omillionaire

Why is Omillionaire worth playing?

O! Millionaire is a raffle draw that allows players to turn AED 25 into millions by matching seven numbers in any order. The game offers a chance to win over a staggering AED 100 million jackpot. The raffle draw is available to play online, and participants can buy a green certificate to enter the game. Tt is a fun and exciting game that offers players the chance to win big prizes. Weekly draw, which takes place every Thursday at 8 pm UAE time. Players purchase tickets for the draw, with each ticket costing AED 25.

Our experience

In conclusion, O! Millionaire is a fun and exciting game that offers players the chance to win big prizes. The gameplay is straightforward, and the rules are simple. Players can purchase tickets for the weekly draw online, and the price of each ticket is AED 25.

Opinions on O! Millionaire are varied. Some players enjoy the thrill and possibility of a significant win, while others express concerns about the low winning odds.

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