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Horoscope Lucky Lottery Numbers: A Complete Guide for Each Star Sign

The star or zodiac signs are used to define a person’s humour, personality, and future – including good fortune. But do you know you can use it to determine your lucky days and numbers for the lottery? You can bet on the best combinations according to what astrology defines as your lucky numbers.

Why Choose Lucky Lottery Numbers According to Your Star Sign?

The true power of astrology goes beyond the horoscope on apps and newspapers. According to the belief, there are lucky numbers, times, and days for each star sign. With the lottery being a game of chance, finding at least some guidance on what and when to pick is definitely a plus. 

The Best Lucky Lottery Numbers for Each Star Sign

According to astrologers, some combinations can be considered the best lucky lottery numbers for each star sign. Among the possible ways of using them, we suggest applying specific strategies that result in those numbers or playing lottery syndicates with compatible signs.

Join a group of people whose star signs lucky lottery numbers complement yours.

Aries (Born March 21 – April 20)

People born with the star sign Aries are determined, impatient, and ambitiousTheir independent soul makes them natural leaders, and their lottery lucky numbers are equally strong.

All that energy can be great sometimes, but it is necessary to have some control when playing the lottery. Fortunately, knowing the lucky lottery numbers for the Aries star sign, combined with the luckiest days of the month, might enhance the odds when playing.

The best time of the year for Aries to buy lottery tickets online is the 1st and 9th of January or September. But it doesn’t mean luck will not strike any other time of the year.

Best Lotteries for Aries to Play

Aries are brave, perhaps the most daring of all the zodiac signs. They embrace new challenges and love stepping out of their comfort zone. Their bravery and fearlessness spur them to play lottery games that do not have the best chances of success. They love experimenting with different types of games. They could try out the US Powerball today and the Mega Millions tomorrow. The best lotteries for Aries to play are listed in the table below.

LotteryOddsStarting Jackpot
Italy SuperEnalotto1:622,614,630€2 million
Brazil Mega Sena 1:50,063,860BRL 2 million
US Powerball1:292,201,338$20 million
Mega Millions1:302,575,350$20 million
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